David Grueneberg Consulting offers advertising and marketing services to clients who need help and support from a highly experienced subject matter expert. Capitalizing on Fortune 100 company experience, David Grueneberg Consulting helps clients reach and exceed their goals. Utilizing industry best practices these approaches are proven within the real world, resulting in improved effectiveness and efficiency.

David Grueneberg Consulting is confident that our services can optimize performance for our client’s marketing and advertising programs.

•David began his advertising career at Dancer Fitzgerald Sample, Inc. where he cut his teeth on classic packaged goods marketing.
•After Dancer Fitzgerald Sample, David joined the in-house agency at Bristol-Myers Squibb and spent over twenty years involved in a diversified portfolio of businesses. He was Director of Consumer media planning over brands including Clairol and Matrix hair care products, Excedrin and Nuprin pain relief, Comtrex cold remedies, Keri skincare products, Ban deodorants, Viactiv, Boost and Enfamil Products
•David’s client-side role allowed him to direct all of the RX DTC brand activities and manage the professional directed media at Bristol-Myer Squibb. Rx DTC launches included: Pravachol, Plavix, Orencia, Reyataz, Vagistat…
•Following Bristol-Myer Squibb, David was Director of Planning and Client Services at Zenithdirect. His team was responsible for a variety of healthcare-related clients such as Ambien CR, Humira, Freestyle Meters, Tricor, TriLipix, Nexium (DR), Crestor (DR) , Jenny Craig and more…
•For the past 6 years, David was Global Media Category Lead for Citi in NYC. He introduced critical industry best practices including agency auditing, formal annual reviews, performance incentives, agency rationalization and improved Barter agreements.